Ear Wax Removal Belfast, Northern Ireland

If you experience any of the following

And cant wait on referral from NHS, then my ear wax removal service is for you!

Hearing Loss/dullness

Eg. turning up the volume of your TV, having difficulty hearing the car indicator


or feeling that your ears are blocked


Ringing or buzzing in your ears

Feeling Dizzy

Ear Wax can cause dizziness

I have many years experience in the clinical world and therefore have a skill at making others feel at ease and calm any apprehension.

I am passionate about improving others quality of life through ear care and I am a perfectionist which is perfect when it comes to ear wax removal.



Reconnect with
the world

Prevents Dry
Itchy Ear


Ear Wax Removal Services

Ear Wax removal

Book For a 30 minute consultation and leave with better hearing

Free Check

Not Sure if you have an ear wax problem? get in touch to book a FREE 2 minute check

Happy Clients

Lesley is amazing, she puts you at ease right away, with Lesley offering her free 2 minute check absolutely shows of human kindness, specially in this day and age. I highly recommend the Keenan Ear Clinic
Joanne Mackle
Google Review
After having trouble with my ears for over 2 years I booked in with Lesley. I felt at ease from the off set, both Lesley and her clinic are warm and welcoming. Within minutes my ear trouble had gone! I was elated - I cannot thank Lesley enough! I would 100% recommend her service. Thank you!
Emma Trimble
Google Review
Had an appointment with Keenan ear clinic today and happy to report clear to hear within 15 minutes.Lesley is a lovely girl,very chatty and professional albeit a bit of an obsession with ear wax 😁which is probably why she is so good at what she does.Absolutely no hesitation in recommending and good luck with your new venture.
Glenn Matthews
Google Review
Very happy to recommend the service provided by Lesley. Solved long standing earwax issues for me with ease. Thanks.
Alan Bermingham
Google Review

Frequently Asked Questions

If you have any other queries that arent answered here, please feel free to get in touch

Yes, for a few days before the appointment

Absolutely,  speak to Lesley and we will work through what’s best for your ear health

Yes hearing aids prevent the ear wax from naturally falling away. This can cause a feedback loop to the hearing aid which sounds like a high-pitched whistle.

Ready to hear again?

Hearing loss at any age can be isolating and therefore can impact your emotional and mental health. 

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